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Desk Guide: Effective Intervention With Youth Struggling with Self-Injury
September 13, 2021


Screen Shot NSSI WAFCA Desk Guide"Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) occurs in up to 20% of adolescents and represents a risk factor for suicidal behavior; although, many who engage in NSSI are not suicidal. Suicide attempts and deaths continue to rise within adolescents across the United States and represents the 2nd leading cause of death in this age group. The high rates of NSSI and suicidal thoughts/behaviors requires that the professionals who work with adolescents are knowledgeable about these behaviors and equipped to provide best-practice care to help reduce and manage risk.”

The guide is based on material presented by Dr. Jennifer Muehlenkamp on September 29, 2020 for WAFCA-CE, with funding support from MHTTC.

WAFCA serves as the Wisconsin partner for the Great Lakes Mental Health Technology Transfer Center.

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