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ACCES-VR Mental Health Webinar Series and Community of Practice Session 1: Understanding Our Own Values, Attitudes, and Beliefs about People with Mental Health Conditions and the Impact on Vocational Rehabilitation

View Slide Deck This interactive training series focuses on providing Vocational Rehabilitation staff with the knowledge and skills to apply

Flourishing at Work: A Plan for Helping Professionals | Session 3: Learning to Let Go

View Slide Deck Helping professionals, such as counselors, teachers, and health professionals, are critically important to the workforce, yet we

Writing Towards Healing: A Creative Space for Those Working Towards A Better World

Many of us are constantly engaging with difficult, if not outrightly violent circumstances in our work and yet have so little space to care for

Early Detection of Possible Psychosis in Young People: Is stigma linked with symptoms or at-risk identification?

This lecture placed this study in the context of the knowns of stigma research. Specifically, this study’s findings indicate that CHR services